Praapti Jayaswal

Dr. Praapti Jayaswal (Co-Founder & CEO), is a PhD in tuberculosis research from the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), in New Delhi. Her expertise is in microbiology and understanding the biology of the disease.

Smita Hingane

Dr. Smita Hingane (R&D Lead), has a PhD in infectious disease virology from THSTI, India. Her expertise lies in infectious diseases. With years of experience in molecular and microbiology, she is leading the in-house R&D for scaling AarogyaAI’s novel diagnostic technologies.

Rahul Angane

Rahul has a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and is skilled in research, python, data analysis and genetics. At AarogyaAI Rahul focuses on applying bioinformatics to drive innovations in diagnosis by developing methods for leveraging genomic data to study infectious diseases.

Alice Osmaston

Alice Osmaston is a research and development intern at AarogyaAI. Primarily, supporting the R&D stream by collecting data and reviewing the latest literature to inform product development. Additionally, she supports business development by creating resources for pitches and proposals. Working for 2.5 years in Illumina’s laboratories, she gained practical experience in nucleic acid extraction, sample processing, automation, and sequencing technologies. A Master’s degree (MSc) in Infectious Disease Epidemiology has inspired Alice to use genomics to fight infectious diseases.

Avlokita Tiwari

Avlokita Tiwari (Co-Founder & CTO), has an MS in Bioinformatics from the University of Turku, Finland. Her expertise lies in computational biology and genomic data. She is the bridge between biology and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Aniruddh Sharma

Aniruddh Sharma is a Data Scientist working on processing, training and deploying the machine learning pipeline for tuberculosis and other infectious diseases at AarogyaAI. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IITRAM Ahmedabad, Anirudh has previously worked in robotics, deep learning and computer vision. During his time off he volunteers for Open-source medical technologies designed to automate the medical industry.

Mukta Sharma

Dr. Mukta Sharma (Associate Scientist) is a PhD in Bioinformatics with three years of postdoctoral experience in molecular modeling. Her expertise lies in the area of in-silico drug designing. At AarogyaAI, she will be applying a wide range of modeling approaches to identify new chemical entities in Tb drug discovery.

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